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Sea Airports located in Commercial Seaports

Find any of 1,370 Airports located in different Seaports worldwide, Arrivals and Departures, Route Distance, nearby Sea and Airports located in the same region for logistics convenience

Flag Airport Type IATA ICAO more
Ataturk International Airport Turkey, Istanbul Sea Airport IST LTBA Map & Info
Incirlik Air Base Turkey, Adana Inland Airport UAB LTAG Map & Info
Adana Airport Turkey, Adana Inland Airport ADA LTAF Map & Info
Adiyaman Airport Turkey, Adiyaman Inland Airport ADF LTCP Map & Info
Afyon Airport Turkey, Afyon Inland Airport AFY LTAH Map & Info
Agri Airport Turkey, Agri Inland Airport AJI LTCO Map & Info
Gazipasa Airport Turkey, Alanya Sea Airport GZP LTGP Map & Info
Esenboga International Airport Turkey, Ankara Inland Airport ESB LTAC Map & Info
Etimesgut Air Base Turkey, Ankara Inland Airport ANK LTAD Map & Info
Antalya International Airport Turkey, Antalya Sea Airport AYT LTAI Map & Info
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