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MAERSK CONVINCER Other Type, IMO 8768426

Where is the current position of MAERSK CONVINCER presently? Vessel MAERSK CONVINCER is a ship sailing under the flag of Singapore. Her IMO number is 8768426 and MMSI number is 565676000. Main ship particulars are length of 72 m and beam of 68 m. Maps show the following voyage data - Present Location, Next port, Estimated (ETA) and Predicted Time of Arrival (PTA), Speed, Course, Draught, Photos, Videos, Local Time, UTC time.

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MAERSK CONVINCER current position is received by AIS. Ship info reports, fleet analysis, company analyses, address analyses, technical specifications, tonnages, management details, addresses, classification society data and all other relevant statistics are derived from Marine Vessel Traffic database. The data is for informational purposes only and Marine Vessel Traffic is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of data reported above herein.